Gaining proficiency in digital marketing will not only help you in making wise business promotion decisions, but also enable you implement your ideas independently. This can also turn into cost benefit, saving you from the overheads of an online marketer. Our training services are an integral part of the package we offer. This feature will help you to gain knowledge about:

  1. Online related technical terms such as indexing, crawling, Content optimization, quality score, CTR etc.
  2. Understand how search engine work & crawl your page so that it can appear of search engine result page
  3. Basic introduction on various Digital Marketing Modules
  4. Basic working of Google Adwords and other business pages
  5. Types of reports available & how to export them. Make conclusions out of available reports (Report Reading).
  6. Introduction to Display Marketing
  7. Introduction to various online marketing tools such as Google Trends, Google Search Console, Keywords Planner, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager Etc.