In order to have an online presence, the first step would be to have a website. There are options such as Google My Business and Facebook Business page, wherein you can begin online marketing of your offering even without a website. Free websites built on WordPress or Google Sites can also be a good way to get started.

Online marketing of a business has many facets. One of them is “Brand Awareness”. This makes your logo synonymous with a particular product or service requirement. While traditional media plays a big role in such a branding, so does internet now-a-days. The other important aspect of establishing the presence of a business is “Search Engine Listing”. When a product you can offer is searched and your website lists on the top, your brand becomes visible. Another means of improving your business visibility is “Re-marketing”. We have solutions to offer in each of these arenas and some more as listed below.

SEO :  

Page listing on search engine pages depends on many parameters, some of the them being the quality and relevancy of page content, keywords in page titles and headers. A good optimization can pave the way for better listing on searches and relevant content/page being directly visible to the audience, thus ensuring a better engagement and more prospects of a successful sale.


Paid advertising is an exclusive feature of search engines such as Google. These sponsored ads appear just above the organic or SEO listing. Relevant keywords, well written ad copy and appropriate landing pages are indispensable for achieving a high rank on search result pages. Our expertise in PPC Marketing will help you to get maximum possible ROI at minimum CPC.

Re-Marketing : 

Remarketing is the best way to convert your website visitor to your prospective customers. It is quite easy and essential to advertise to a person who has already shown interest in your product by visiting one of your pages in the past. Remarketing campaigns are known to have a good conversion rate at relatively low CPC. Digivictory is an expert in building remarketing strategy for a successful campaign.

Display Advertising:

It is a form of online marketing that can convey your business message or business deal in many different formats such as Text, Image, Flash, Video & Rich media ads. It plays an important role in branding or building Brand Awareness. Display ads can appear on various websites, news sites, Blogs, Youtube etc. When display advertising is done through Google adwords then these ads can appear on Google display network. But if you want to run your ads on other websites as per your choice (Other then GDN) then it can be done on “Double Click”. Double Click is a vast platform for both the publisher (Site Owner) and the advertisers.

Facebook Advertising:

Facebook has transformed the world of social advertising. With more than 1 billion active FB users per month, who approximately spend more than half an hour per day on FB, the power of Facebook advertising is evident (Source : By putting engaging and useful content on Facebook, the follower base of an individual or a company can be increased manifolds. This in turn can be a very important avenue of branding and awareness.