This includes in-depth analysis of the health of your website to find out pitfalls, if any, and devise strategies to fill those. From here, we can plan the way forward to increase your ROI, website visibility and outreach.

Auditing includes

1: Basic SEO check such as

  • total load time of the page,
  • Search engine friendly content,
  • On page optimization check
  • Off Page Promotion Check

2 : Ongoing promotional activities check etc. and how well you are leveraging out from those activities.  Its good to run A/B testing sometime, because experiments gives you experience and that will become your asset.

3: Google Analytics Reports Check, which includes

  • basic setup of accounts.
  • Reports available
  • Proper tagging of website
  • New Vs. Returning customers stats
  • Bounce rate optimization
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Goals settings etc.